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5 Things To Do On The Dry

Thinking of giving up the gargle for a while? Some time away from booze comes with a lifetime of benefits both mentally and physically. Take even just one month off can have long term lifechanging effects for a person. Here are only a few things you could get up to if your leaving your favourite […]

Three Body & Mind Experiences in Galway

Ringing in the New Year can be a hard time for anybody. But it is also a time you can add a little positivity to your life. For me this year I am 100% giving myself to my programme and learning how to speak up in group situations. For you it might be different, if […]

4 Venues to Watch Connacht Rugby

Galway is blessed with places to watch the rugby, wherever you go you are bound to find a fantastic lively atmosphere. Here are just four venues to watch Bundee Aki race over the line. Murty Rabbits Home to Connacht Rugby’s Supporters Club Murty Rabbitt’s is a great place to watch a game. The pub exudes […]

Galway’s Best Mexicans

The competition is fierce in Galway to be crowned best Mexican but we have chosen the three contenders for the title for you to indulge in. A good feast of Mexican food is always a good choice and can ‘ the palates of both Vegetarians and Carnivores alike. Salsa Reigning originally from Dublin these guys […]

Coffee Experiences of Galway

Luckily Galway has very few mainstream coffee shops and an eclectic mix of independent siopai for you to get your fix. Winter is here so we picked some of the best spots to pick up a coffee, whether you are in town shopping or on a mission to walk the prom check out this go […]

5 Galway Podcasts Bringing Joy To Your Ears

Slowly but surely everybody is ditching traditional airwaves in favor of Podcasts. Once you pop your cherry you may never look back. We decided to take a look at five Galway Podcasts we recommend you to delve into. So whether your out for a walk or driving to work here are just a few Podcasts […]

3 Vegan Options to Try Out in Galway

It’s a new year and for some an opportunity to make some positive lifestyle choices. Veganism is such a hot topic right now and there are plenty of great options available to you in Galway. If you feel like choosing a plant-based diet it excludes all meat, fish, dairy, eggs and all other animal products. […]

Three Environmental Businesses worth Checking Out

As climate change continues its time for us all to become more environmentally friendly. At Galway Uncovered we offset our carbon footprint by planting trees. Here’s three businesses in Galway doing their bit for the world. The Residence Hotel Located in Galway’s Latin Quarter The Residence Hotel offers boutique comforts right in the heart of […]

Crafty Galway, Where to Visit

The craft industry has grown from strength to strength and Galway hasn’t been left behind. Galway is home to Galway Bay Brewery, Galway Hooker and The Galway Cider Co to name a few. Many of these pubs listed below have vast knowledge to be shared with you and hundreds of choices of beers, ales and […]

Live Music Venues Galway

When it comes to live music Galway comes alive. The bustling streets have an amazing array of buskers, some of whom play in Galway’s top venues. In this article we list just a few of many places to visit for live music in Galway. Some of the best acts in Galway play these venues so […]

Dating in Galway

Looking forward to Date Night? We are beginning to sense some love in the air. Keeping on topic of our senses, why not treat your other half or soon to be other half to something special and spoil them with the sense of taste. Here are Five restaurants worth checking out for date night: Trieste […]

Galway’s Definitive Guide to Whiskey

Irish whiskey is an ever-expanding spirit that is a must to sample if you are visiting. Luckily, Galway has an abundance of whiskey pubs and trails to choose from. There are even tour operators offering whiskey tours to find your favourite pub for a tipple. A favourite here is Powers John’s Lane Edition which is […]

Brunch in Galway

Our brunch guide for 2023 2023 is sure to bring a whole new weekend vibe. I’m tipping Brunch in Galway to grow expodentially. I first tried Brunch in Dubai and it was quite the boozy affair. I worried if such a thing could work in Ireland. I was wrong, Galway has a lot of brunch […]

Vegan Treats of Galway

We all know vegans aint got it easy but it is a damn good way of life. With the Vegan in mind this winter we decided to find out where you can get the best Vegan treats and not to forget Veganuary is just around the corner! So whether you are vegan or are celebrating […]

3 Hip & Happening Hotels in Galway

Three hip hotels offering package deals in 2023:  January is already upon us, it doesn’t matter if you took some well deserved time off over Christmas and the New Year. For some it rings in the pleasant sound of a new holiday calendar for 2023. It shouldn’t come as a surprise but between now and […]

Bridie Murphy’s Second Location

Bridie Murphy’s on Mainguard Street has grown to become a bit of an institution when it comes to home baked items such as porridge bread and a various selection of porridge scones with added hints of fruit. It’s not surprising they are open a second location due to demand. The new spot will be located […]