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About Us

Target Market

Galway Uncovered has a huge potential market given that 88% of individuals were recent internet users.

Boosting SEO

Galway Uncovered will help you index better on Google!

To The People

We donate towards partnered charities throughout Galway with profits from listings and Google Ads. We also offset our carbon footprint for the website.


All our packages come with open transparency in relation to views to your profile.

About Galway Uncovered

Galway Uncovered is an online start-up website offering listings. It currently has a staff of two and has a chain of multiple freelancers whom work on a needs be basis. The company is located in Galway however, it is an online business and can be accessed globally. Its clients are a range of local businesses in Galway looking to improve their online presence. Its target market is both Locals looking for something new in Galway and tourists looking for places to go and things to do in Galway.
Galway Uncovered was originally established in 2008 and has been reborn in 2021 to meet the growing demand for such a service. The business is currently a start-up..Its name came from childhood memories of watching Ibiza Uncovered. This website was developed due to our passion for all things Galway to support local businesses.
Galway Uncovered currently has month by month incremental growth of 100-200% monthly, its following on social media channels is growing daily too.

If you can dream it, you can build it. The new Galway Uncovered was designed and opened in 2020. It’s a multifunctional website offering directory listings for unique and bespoke companies in Galway. It offers an Events calendar of what’s happening in Galway, Noted journalism on hot topics in Galway and will offer Tours from industry leading partners from 2022.